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Our Mission: To provide Homeschooling Students with free and low-cost events that showcase their extraordinary creativity and skill and allow them to compete with their peers in a positive environment. To make sure that Homeschooling families have everything they need to encourage their children in learning, reaching their goals, and to help them celebrate their achievements.

Our Hope: We hope that students who have never competed before will feel proud of their accomplishments and be bitten by a creative bug that drives them to reach higher and create beautiful things for their city and the world. We hope that students who are awarded for their achievements will experience higher and higher levels of accomplishment and feel ready to face a world that needs their ingenuity.


The Power of Competition and Creativity:  We believe that competition is good, but unfortunately not all parents can afford expensive classes and team sports for multiple children. Many children fall through the cracks, and never truly, earn a medal or ribbon or experience the feeling of seeing something through to completion and being rewarded for that effort. Creative thinking goes way beyond the process of creating. The mental muscles that are built in the process can be applied in any arena.

Encouraging the flow of creative thinking can improve schoolwork and build self-esteem. That is why FHEA proudly encourages students to step out of the box and do something they've never done before.



Proudly located in Jacksonville Florida

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