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Our Past Events

Homeschool Art Show

   Elementary Winner:

''Cherries'' by Ellie Hartel


                                         Middle School Winner:

''Horse back riding in morning light'' by Amelia Stott

                                         High School Winner:

''Brothers from Other Mothers'' by Bella Ennis


Cutest Pet Competition 


20231206_144635 (1).jpg


" To know her is to love her."






Our first ever writing competition was held in October of 2023 - students crafted short stories to our specifications with the hopes of winning The Golden Pen.



The Winner Is: 
"The Hunt" By Kylie Conlin


An Excerpt from "The Hunt"

“I assssssume you were not followed?” Kliff snorts scornfully. “As if any of those
brainless fools could follow me without my knowing it.” Algol grunts. “Maybe not.” He growls.
“But I’d rather be sssssssure.” After a long pause in which Kliff shifts uncomfortably under the
alien’s gaze, Algol gives the Prextarian his instructions. “The Council.” He hisses, referring to
Scythe’s group of advisors. “Dessssssstroy them.” Kliff tilts his head curiously. “I thought Tyr
and Garth wanted to wait until the Council and Scythe were in one place.” He says slowly,
naming the other two Triumvirs. Algol looks away. “They’re taking too long.” The Serpentine
have a notorious lack of patience, as is currently evident to Kliff. He refrains from further
inquiry, however, knowing the Mercenaries Code requires him to accept assignments with no
questions. Kliff eyes Algol uncertainly, uneager to see Algol’s reaction to his next sentence. “I’m
going to need a transport.” He asks hesitantly. Sure enough, the Serpentine lashes his tail
angrily. “What happened to the Ssssssingularity?” He demands. “It, uh, exploded.” Now Algol
practically trembles with rage. “SSSSAY THAT AGAIN.”

Runner Up:
"Michael Kaminsky and the Miracle Flight"
by Daxton Perkins

Excerpt: The bright cloudless midday sun shines through the cockpit of your British Mark 2 Supermarine Spitfire as you scan the horizon for German Luftwaffe Bombers. The 1,200 horsepower Merlin engine hums under your feet. This metal and glass monster is a long way from the old open cockpit and wooden Biplane you used to fly. You are a Polish RAF pilot of the famous 302 fighter squadron. You fought for your country in the Polish air force until Poland surrendered to the might of the Nazi Germany military. After that you escaped to Denmark and then on to England, where you became a fighter pilot seeking revenge. Within just three weeks of joining your squadron, you already have four kills under your belt.
Then you spot them… Hundreds of little black specs on the horizon. “Bombers!” You yell into the radio, but your squadron leader, Lieutenant Max McVey, also a veteran of the battle of Poland, has already seen them. He gives the order to attack. You immediately accelerate your plane to 356mph and aim your crosshairs on the first bomber you

We are SO proud of all of our contestants!! You are EXTREMELY talented! We would like to invite you to a special get together to celebrate all of our writers and to present the awards. You will receive an invitation by email. You will meet a real published author and have a chance to ask questions about writing and how to get your work published. Can't wait to meet you all in person! We hope you enjoyed this competition as much as we did but above all else KEEP WRITING!!




  On Friday, September 15th, FHEA hosted an enjoyable Triva day at the Argyle Branch library for homeschool students in grades 4 - 10. During that time, they tested their knowledge by answering questions of all categories, such as history, geography, and animals. It was a pleasure to see these students display their knowledge, but in the end, only one of them could be crowned the ultimate Trivia Master.

               What was the most shoplifted food in America in 2011?



Crowning our            First Ever
Trivia Master!

I loved creating something original! - Kylie Conlin

    Jacksonville Fashion  

Local Homeschool Students designed 3 pieces for our one of a kind fashion show. It was a delight to see these lovely young ladies in action. They worked hard to capture the grand prize of $200. The top 3 Designers were 

       1st Place: Nadia Harris

      2nd Place: Kylie Conlin

      3rd Place: Makeya Ross

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